So another blog eh? Yep, exactly!

Well seeing as this is my first post I’d thought I’d do the mandatory Hello World spiel. So… Hello World! My name is Johannes Ruckstuhl and I’m a Leaving Certificate student here in Cork Ireland.

What will I discuss on this blog? When not complaining about the amount of study I have to do or the general state of the world I’m going to try and discuss things that interest me. And that usually has something to do with movies I see, film-music I hear, books I read or crazy things I manage to do with my computer. Geeky stuff, check. Things a little offbeat, check. In any case I hope to blog about once a week.

Your comments and feedback are always appreciated. I’d love to know what you think or your opinions on certain topics. Hope you enjoy your (hopefully extensive) time spent here!

Until next time