Hi everyone!

My Film Review Blog has now been online and running for one year. Over this time I think I have vastly improved my style of writing reviews. When I look back at some of the older ones I get the urge to rewrite…

In terms of numbers, the blog is showing a very healthy trend. Traffic really exploded in November (over three times the previous month’s views!) and has been climbing steadily ever since. Largely through search terms, new people are finding my blog every day. This is extremely satisfying for me as a writer and I do hope that you all enjoy reading the reviews as much as I do writing them.

However, I would like to continuously improve the user experience for all of you. So I’ve made out a poll below with features that might be of use to the readers. Please take the time to vote on what you would like to see on my site. There’s also an “Other” field so you can fill in anything else I’ve missed.

You can tick as many boxes as you like but keep in mind that some of the options contradict each other.

Wishing you all the best!

Johannes Ruckstuhl