About Me

MeHey there! My name is Johannes Ruckstuhl, and I hail from the small but great country of Switzerland.  I’m 20 and a student currently living in Berlin, Germany. I have an offer from Wolfson College, Cambridge for a degree in English which begins in September 2011. So that means I have a gap year which I am spending in Berlin. After several years of hard work this is a deserved rest but really, university can’t come quickly enough! It’s going to be “totally awesome!” – private joke, sorry guys…

College and regular blogging (!) aside I’m a huge fan of films and film music which is why I set up this blog as an outlet for my ramblings on the subjects. Anyway, could there be a better idea than trying to turn your favourite hobby into a career? Well… What exactly my career will be is still floating around, shrouded in the mists of my mind somewhere, it might be journalism, it might be writing for film or even just novels, who knows? In any case I figure studying English literature will give me a pretty solid foundation.

If at any time you would like to write to me please feel free to leave a comment. I’ve also just added the “Lists” section where you can find out more about me and what I like. I do hope that you have as much fun reading my reviews as I do writing them!

Here’s a quick explanation of my rating system. Each entry receives a rating for the film and for its music, the score rating. Stars are awarded from 1 to 5 and half stars may appear from time to time. It all breaks down something like this.

A Masterpiece. This film or score takes its place amongst my all-time favourites.

It misses out on the top grade by a bit but is still by all means an excellent effort.

Middle of the road, this is a good film or score but without any qualities that would mark it out amongst its competitors.

So, so. Not quite at the very bottom of the well an but underwhelming film or soundtrack that leaves much to be desired for.

Truly the most terrible fodder, the film world has to offer. In other words, the meh response.



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  1. Seán Underwood
    Sep 06, 2010 @ 19:49:17

    ………whoa! That is all….


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